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Brand new compact rowing machine. This is exactly what you need! If you are using mIRC, you can use our ErazorScript.
It is a script to handle our bots via a little menu. Hier finden Sie die besten automatenspiele kostenlos downloaden, Sie haben Zeit, sie zu bekommen!

ErazorScript 1.6 :: Download (NEW)

  Necessary commands
 ?auth  Each time you connect to Quakenet (also BNC) you have to auth before you use the following commands. Try your luck with casino spielen kostenlos ohne anmeldung. Start winning now!

  Status commands
 ?op  Ops the selected person ( also wildcards (*) allowed )
 ?deop  Deops the selected person ( also wildcards (*) allowed )
 ?voice  Voices the selected person ( also wildcards (*) allowed )
 ?devoice  Devoices the selected person ( also wildcards (*) allowed )

  User commands
 ?adduser  Adds a User to the Bot ( flags: voice / op / master / owner )
 ?deluser  Removes a User from the Bot

  Mass commands
 ?massop  Ops everyone on a channel (Be careful with this!)
 ?massdeop  Deops everyone on a channel except the owner and the bot.
 ?massvoice  Voices everyone on a channel.
 ?massdevoice  Devoices everyone on a channel.

  Kick/Ban commands
 ?kick  Kicks a user out of a channel
 ?ban  Bans a user/host for 2 hours on a channel.
 ?permban  Bans a user/host permanently on a channel.
 ?tempban  Bans a user/host for for the given time (in minutes).
 ?unban  Unbans a user/host on a channel, host or number allowed.
 ?unbanall  Removes all bans on a channel, also Q bans!
 ?banlist  Returns the banlist for the channel.

  Channel commands
 ?setchan  Sets channel parameters.
 ?setchan chanmode  Sets channel modes.
 ?chanlev  Returns a list with all added users on a channel.
 ?chaninfo  Returns useful informations of a channel.
 ?invite  Invites a user to a channel.
 ?settopic  Sets a topic on a channel.
 ?reftopic  Resets the topic, so people who could not see the topic, can see it.
 ?welcome  Sets a welcome message for a channel, that user see when they  join.
 ?savemodes  Saves the current opped & voiced users, the channelmodes and
 the topic of a channel.
 ?restoremodes  Restores all modes which have been saved by typing ?savemodes.

  Access level commands
 ?whois  Returns the access level from a user on a channel.
 ?whoami  Returns your access level on a channel.

  Stats commands
 ?stats  Returns a link to the statistic page of your channel
 ?stats lang  Change the language of your statistics page.
 ?stats style  Set your own style for the link

  Miscellaneus commands
 ?help  Returns a link to this site
 ?help peak style  You get to know how to style your peak-messages.
 ?google  Searches for matches on google on the given search query.

  Very useful
You can handle our bots also via message commands.
This might be useful when you e.g. got banned.

Syntax: /msg Botname command #yourchannel [other arguments]

Example: /msg ErazorBots unbanall #erazorbots
  /msg ErazorBots banlist #erazorbots
  /msg ErazorBots adduser #erazorbots PlusOne owner (PlusOne = Nickname)
/msg ErazorBots adduser #erazorbots #PlusOne owner (#PlusOne = Auth)