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  Channel rules
Brand new compact rowing machine. This is exactly what you need! These are the channelrules of #ErazorBots.
If you don’t agree with this rules, leave our Channel.
Any actions against these rules may result in a ban! You’ll find the best automatenspiele kostenlos here, you have time to get it!
  1. Don’t ask to ask!
  2. In fact you want to ask anything, just do it. There’s no need to ask for admins or to ask whether you may ask anything. Just state your question. If an admin is online he’ll help you. Try your luck with casino spielen kostenlos ohne anmeldung. Start winning now!

  3. Don’t highlight!
  4. There is no need to highlight admins! If you want to get help, highlighting an admin won’t help you. Even if an admin is already helping you there is no need to highlight him. If he doesn’t answer you, he’s maybe doing something important to help you and has no time to answer. Highlights just disturb his work and make you wait longer. So just wait and don’t highlight!

  5. Don’t spam!
  6. Spamming on our channel is not allowed. There are several kinds of spam that are not allowed on our channel. Spamming on our channel is the best way to get banned. It doesn’t matter whether it was an amsg or not.

  • Advertising
  • You are not allowed to write Channelnames, Internetsites… on our channel without being asked to by an admin.
  • Repeating
  • You are not allowed to repeat lines. It doesn’t matter whether this line was spam or just a question. Writing things one time is enough.
  • Away-messages
  • We are not interested in things you’re doing and whether you are away or not. So please turn your away-messages off on our channel.
  • Join/Part
  • This means joining our channel and leaving it after some seconds. This action is not allowed and results in a ban.

  • Part/Join (/hop)
  • Leaving our channel and rejoining it after some seconds is not allowed, too. If you want to stay on our channel, then stay there if you want to leave and rejoin again we help you to leave. There is really no need to rejoin our channel. If ErazorBots doesn’t get that you are authed use “?auth” but don’t /hop.

  • Don’t query admins!
  • Query admins is not allowed and in fact that most of them have nice query-blockers senseless. You are only allowed to query an admin if he asks you to. If you need to ask anything, ask on our channel and not private!