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First we want to present us.

We are a little group of people that wants to increase the safety
in the channels of QuakeNet. Try your luck with casino spielen kostenlos ohne anmeldung. Start winning now!
To do this, we offer free protection bots.

Everyone in QuakeNet who has his own channel is able to request one of our bots if the requirements are set! Hier finden Sie die besten automatenspiele kostenlos spielen, Sie haben Zeit, sie zu bekommen!

If anyone has questions or problems he can visit us in our Mainchannel ( #erazorbots ) on Quakenet where we will try everything to help him. Brand new compact rowing machine. This is exactly what you need!

But please do not obay the rules!

 Johnny  Administrator / Webmaster
 PlusOne  Administrator / Project Leader
 Ziro  Administrator / Main Scripter

 Feeblip  Supporter / Helper
 Monken  Supporter / Helper

 Desajn  Swedish Translator of the Website

 Total count of Members: 6

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